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As we enter a new financial year, the very nature of the way people work is changing: businesses are beginning to operate in an environment that is underpinned by, and demands, the collaboration of human and machine.

Technology, rapid digitisation, changing delivery models, evolving community and government expectations, access to information, and broader labour market disruption are all driving leaders towards the need to transform their organisation.

Workforce strategies to prepare you for the new financial year includes:

  1. Prioritising digital upskilling

This is a critical need in Australia where the nation is ranked 23rd for digital skills by the World Economic Forum. According to a 2018 study, Australia needs an extra 200,000 tech workers by 2023 to be considered a digital leader globally.

To truly enable the new human-technology paradigm, and to seize the opportunities on offer, we need to move the conversation away from a fear of automation towards the opportunity in augmentation.

Failure to be proactive will result in the absence of a competitive employee value proposition and the inability to attract top talent. In turn, this will inhibit productivity and restrict innovation, directly leading to diminishing ROI and hurting the company’s growth and competitive advantage.

  • Becoming future-ready

Being future-ready is a never-ending process. To build adaptable organisations, PwC has identified points where the transition that organisations are working towards can be supported:

  • Business and operating model: Layout the organisation’s short- and long-term goals by analysing the core capabilities required to successfully realise their strategies. This stage will help in identifying the gaps and requirements to achieve the goal.
  • Capabilities: Compare existing workforce skill sets and how changing customer demands to shape the need for additional skills.
  • Workforce strategy: Strategically combine the dimensions of employees and work

Creating workforce strategies for the new financial year will be a journey that requires buy-in from leaders and aligned with the strategy.

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