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Candidate referral


Receive $500

We’ve partnered with Prezzee to offer our network a referral program thats worthwhile!

If you refer a friend/colleague or someone you know that is then placed by Bastian, you will be eligible to receive a $500 gift card.

They have to pass their probationary period for you to qualify for the voucher.

For more information, email

Submit Referral

How does this work?

What kind of information do I need to submit?

You can submit information by clicking “submit referral”. You’ll need to provide your contact details and also the contact details for the person you are referring.

If you prefer to send through an introductory email – cc: the referral & include their contact details.

How do you keep track of referrals?

Our internal CRM allows us to keep track of referrals.

If I refer someone, how long before I receive a voucher?

You will receive the voucher once the candidate is placed and has successfully passed their probation period.

What if I refer a candidate and they don’t get placed?

If they don’t get placed then unfortunately you don’t qualify for the voucher.

What if I refer a candidate and there are no relevant positions available?

The whole idea around this program is for people to refer candidates for roles that are active. Check our jobs page and our LinkedIn company page for the most recent opportunities.

What if I refer a candidate now, but they only get placed in 6 months time?

The good news is there is a 12 month expiry clause. What this means is, if the candidate isn’t placed within 12 months of the referral then this no longer applies. The reason for this is that we want to encourage referrals for relevant and available vacancies.

What if I refer a candidate, but they’re already on your database?

Unfortunately in this instance, you wont qualify for the program. The whole idea around this program is to build on our network of qualified candidates.

How will I know if I’ve qualified?

If you’ve referred a candidate and they’ve consequently been placed within 12 months of the referral, we will contact you. Please ensure we have your contact information and get in touch with us should there be any changes.

Can I refer multiple people for a position?

There are no limits to the amount of referrals you provide. Increase your chances of earning vouchers by referring multiple qualified candidates to our vacancies.

By submitting a referral you acknowledge your understanding of this program. You may ask for more information by contacting us any time at contact@bconsult. io – Bastian reserves the right to make changes to this program at any time.

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