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Bastian’s Interim Management and Contractor staffing Solutions assists our clients by providing qualified, highly skilled and experienced executive talent only when they need them. The perfect balance of a flexible workforce meeting a flexible workflow.

If you have a short-term leadership gap, need to manage a crisis, require someone to manage a change program or system implementation, then an interim resource could be the right solution for you.

Our Interim Management and Contracting talent will quickly work to understand the business situation and challenges to help make changes, delivering outcomes quickly which is exceptionally important when there are time constraints.

Many organisations find themselves in a position where they are too reliant on key individuals, their skills and experience. Lately, there have been many stories about teams struggling to provide a service because key skills have been lost due to someone exiting the business, often at short notice. This can have a knock-on effect to other parts of the business, leaving organisations operating at risk. Bringing in interim resources when this happens can help elevate issues and address any business continuity risks. Therefore, we understand it is paramount that we find you someone who can hit the ground running. They can often also be a critical friend, using experience and knowledge to help further improve your service.

Often organisations have elongated permanent recruitment process that can be drawn out and complex. The time that goes into the process is phenomenal, especially with the high risk that even at final stages your offer could get turned down. Hiring an Interim alleviates the pressure of filling the role and allows you to take the time to find the right person for your team. This way you can address any immediate resourcing needs, continue with your day job and carry out a quality recruitment process for your permanent team.

Our Interim and Contracting candidates will bring a wealth of knowledge that you can use to your full advantage. Often, we have found that internal permanent staff will learn and develop from the skills our Interim Resources have been able to bring into teams.

There is a perception that hiring an Interim Resource or Contractor is costly, however balance the cost against risk to your business and the costs start to make sense.

Losing key internal resources can cause major business disruption which costs in time and lost revenue. Hiring an interim allows you to be specific about the outputs that you want delivered while giving you a fresh perspective unaffected by operating culture and internal politics.

Top Talent Resource

Candidate REF: LBID

Profile – Highly creative, results-driven professional with extensive experience and impressive achievements within the dynamic retail and customer service sectors. Thrives when tasked with engaging others in a product or concept through quality presentation and communications. Visionary change agent, assertive in driving projects from initial conception through to quality realisation, on time and within budget. Proven track record in researching, engineering and implementing innovative procedures that optimise sales, revenues, efficiencies and productivities, while capturing clear time and monetary savings. Unparalleled follow-through; mindful of the ‘big picture’; combined with exceptional people skills.

Roles – Planning Manager

Industries – Retail, Wholesale and Consumer Products

Rate – $1014 per day

Location – Sydney

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Candidate REF: PCTR

Profile – A resilient, determined, and accomplished global supply chain executive with over 18 years of experience in iconic brand
custodianship, multi-market sales, and business operations encompassing significant P&L management and complex
stakeholder management. Executes strategies to introduce a collective forward-thinking continuous improvement mindset.

Roles – COO, Operations Director, Head of Supply Chain, Supply Chain Director

Industries – Commerce, Manufacturing/Wholesale, Pharmaceutical, Retail, FMCG, E-commerce, Freight or Luxury

Rate – $2200 per day

Location – Sydney

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Candidate REF: JRTR

Profile – Supply Chain and Retail IT professional with over 25 years senior management experience enabling customers across Asia-Pacific and the US. Established expertise as a vendor / partner (sales consulting, professional services and program management, supply chain and IT strategy, and supply chain and IT operational consulting) and large Retail and 3PL corporates in Australia (business engagement, pre-project consulting and feasibility analysis, business case development and capital funding approval, IT project delivery)   . Holds an Computer Engineering degree.

Roles – Manager IT Strategy, Programme Manager, Pre-Sales Manager

Industries – Retail, 3rd Party Logistics, Supply Chain Software and Services

Rate – $1707 per day

Location – Melbourne

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