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Interim Executive Recruitment Solution

Bastian’s Interim Management Solutions assists our clients by providing qualified, highly skilled and experienced executive talent only when they need them. The perfect balance of a flexible workforce meeting a flexible workflow. 

If you have a short-term leadership gap, need to manage a crisis, require someone to manage a change program or system implementation – then achieve the perfect harmony of a flexible workforce aligning with a flexible workflow through our comprehensive Interim Executive Solutions. 

Bastian’s Interim Management Recruitment expertise gives clients peace of mind. We work quickly to understand the business situation and challenges to help find the right people to deliver on the outcomes required. 

Many organisations find themselves in a position where they are too reliant on key individuals, their skills and experience. The aftermath of unexpectedly losing such pivotal members can be dire, affecting various business facets and elevating operational risks. Bringing in interim resources when this happens can help elevate issues and address any business continuity risks. Leveraging the strengths of renowned Interim Management Firms like Bastian’s can alleviate these challenges. We understand it is paramount that we find you someone who can hit the ground running. They can also be a critical allies, using experience and knowledge to help further improve your service.

One major pain point many organizations grapple with is the protracted permanent recruitment process, which can be incredibly intricate and time-consuming. With the ever-present risk of potential candidates declining offers even in the final stages, the process can be daunting. Engaging our Interim Management Recruitment Agency eases this pressure. You not only address immediate staffing needs but also then gain luxury of time, ensuring a more thorough recruitment process for your permanent positions. 

Our Interim Executive Recruitment pool will bring a wealth of knowledge that you can use to your full advantage, serving as invaluable assets. A noteworthy observation is that permanent staff often harness the opportunity to learn and evolve, drawing from the vast expertise our interim resources introduce. 

There’s a prevailing notion that hiring from Interim Management Firms are an expensive venture. However, when juxtaposed against potential business risks and disruptions, the investment becomes justified. Consider the ramifications of losing key personnel: the consequent business turmoil, the drain on time, and potential revenue losses. Opting for interim management allows you to define exact deliverables, infusing fresh perspectives unclouded by ingrained operating cultures or internal politics. 

Elevate your business continuity and mitigate risks with Bastian’s unparalleled Interim Management Agency solutions. Reach Out today and let’s redefine your business’s resilience. 

Top Talent Resources.

Candidate REF: CATR

Profile – High profile and credentialed supply chain professional with a career that has been built on a solid foundation of consulting and industry experience with a focus on supply chain and asset intensive businesses. This includes roles in General Management, ‘Big 4’ Consulting and Business Development where they have established, built, and led businesses and high performing teams across Australia and New Zealand. This candidate has developed a significant industry profile and is considered a subject matter expertise in business strategy and operations, supply chain transformation, supply chain IT strategy, fleet asset management and the transition to zero emissions vehicles. Holds a BEng (Hons) and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

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Roles – COO, Director of Supply Chain, Executive Director, Partner/Principal

Industries – Retail, Consumer, Industrial Products, Logistics & Distribution, Energy and Resources, Telco, Defence.

Rate – $2,500 per day

Location – Melbourne

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Candidate REF: ESTR

Profile – A senior leader with 11+ years experience within the retail and technology sector, working at some of the fastest-growing companies in the last decade. Global experience includes the US, Europe, EMEA and APAC managing large and diverse teams across key verticals. Currently based in the Middle East working alongside the senior executive team at one of the largest companies in the region and awarded a Golden Visa for contribution to technology and retail in the region.

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Roles – Strategy and Operations Director, Head of Commercial, General Manager, Director of Customer Success and Sales- MENA and APAC

Industries -Retail, technology, e-commerce, robotics, logistics, last mile,  bricks and mortar

Rate – £1500 per day

Location – London and Dubai

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Candidate REF: GSID

Profile – Our candidate is a seasoned Enterprise/Data Architecture Lead/Head of Data specializing in MarTech, CRM, Data, Analytics, Cloud, Data Governance, AI who drives business results using data driven insights.

Has over 23 years of experience in strategic planning, governance, and delivery of complex large-scale multimillion-dollar programs leveraging data sizes running into multiple petabytes. As well as proven skills in DevOps and Delivery Management in an Agile environment, leading Scrum/Kanban practices with Jira/Trello, and in business analysis and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.

Our candidate holds an MS-CIS degree and is a PhD(cand) specializing in utilizing AI for text analytics.

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Roles – Head of Data, Chapter Lead (Data, Architecture, Governance), Enterprise Architect, Data Architect

Industries – Healthcare, FinTech, FMCG, Insurance, Banking/Finance, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Oil/Gas, Media, HR/Payroll, Automotive, E-commerce, Freight, R&D, SaaS.

Rate: $2,000 per day

Location – Sydney/Melbourne

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