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Client referral



Receive $2000

Choose to donate $2000 to a charity of your choice or receive a $2000 gift voucher.

Simply, refer someone you know that is hiring a Supply Chain or Tech role.

For more information, email

Submit Referral

How does this work?

1. What kind of information do I need to submit?

Simply click the “Submit Referral” button above to get started. You’ll need the hiring manager’s phone number & email.

Alternatively, you can send through an introductory email to or one of our consultants, cc’ing your business contact and letting us know what role they need help with.

Please keep in mind that the salary range for the referred role should be $120,000 + to qualify.

2. How do you keep track of referrals?

Our internal CRM allows us to keep track of referrals.

3. What types of positions should I refer?

We specialise in middle management to C-suite in the Supply Chain/Tech space. However the roles must be at least $120,000+ in salary.

4. What if following the introduction, multiple roles are subsequently placed?

The client referral bonus will payable on the initial role only. The idea around this referral program is to bring new clients to our network.

5. Are there opportunities to earn more? 

We’re always open to supporting new clients. Earn more by referring more contacts looking to hire in Supply Chain or Technology.

6. Are there any restrictions?

You are not eligible if you are currently employed, contracting or affiliated directly with the referred company or in any other situation that could be seen as a conflict of interest.

7. What if I refer a client but they only give Bastian a job in 6 month’s time?

The good news is you still qualify! There is a 12 month expiry clause from the date the referral is made to the date of the placement. What this means is, the referral must turn into a placement within 12 months to qualify.

8. What if I refer a client/company, but they’re already on your database?

If the company is on our database but we have not worked with them before, then the referral still qualifies. We will let you know if they’re already a client.

9. How will I know if the referral has been successful?

We will keep you posted on any updates. Please keep in mind a few things need to happen before the electronic voucher is sent or the donation is made:

  • The role must be successfully placed
  • The client must fully pay their invoice

10. Can I refer multiple hiring managers to Bastian?

There are no limits to the amount of new client referrals you provide. Help your contacts, help us and help a charity of your choice!

By sending us a referral you acknowledge your understanding of this program. If you have any question, please get in touch. Bastian reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time. Last updated: January 2023

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