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The impact of COVID-19 has hit businesses in multiple ways and recruitment is no exception. Several plans to take on more staff may have gone out the window, or conversely, companies might have to hire more people than ever had to before! Whatever the situation, one thing’s for sure, how companies respond to this unprecedented pandemic will define their relationship with future hires, staff, and customers.

There are several situations recruiters face currently:

Hiring freeze: Here, companies can’t hire new employees or progress applications currently in their recruitment funnel due to COVID-19.

Hiring as usual: Companies are recruiting but can’t meet candidates in person due to the shutdown. They resort to remote interviews and have to adapt fast.

Hiring increase: This is for companies still in full operation and needs more staff. For example,  supermarkets, hospitals, healthcare providers, online distribution chains, contact centres etc., Companies in this category are most likely facing a COVID-19 recruitment drive. The challenge will be to act quickly, effectively, and safely.

Traditionally Bastian Consulting operates almost entirely on a retained basis but due to this COVID-19 recruitment drive, Bastian Consulting has launched a new service called contingency placements to support businesses scale through the hiring increase process. This enables businesses to fill vacant roles quickly and on a suitable budget. To get started, call Tony on 0409 090 434 or email

Bastian Consulting is a boutique search practise that concentrates on sourcing leaders that deliver change across the Asia Pacific. With over ten years of experience spanning across 11 different countries in the region, Bastian Consulting provides accomplished consultancy using proven customer-focused delivery.

This pandemic will affect global recruitment strategy and companies need to refocus their COVID-19 recruitment energies in the right direction.

Above all, stay safe, well, and positive during this difficult period! Let us know how your company is adapting to new recruitment methods.