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As a trusted search firm in the supply chain & tech industry, our primary goal is to find exceptional candidates who can make a substantial impact on our clients’ organisations. With thorough research, screening, and assessments, we strive to identify the perfect fit for our clients’ vacancies. However, the importance of receiving feedback from our clients cannot be overstated. This article explores why client feedback is crucial for executive search recruiters and how it can enhance the overall recruitment experience for both candidates and clients alike.

1. Repositioning the Search:

Clients’ feedback can help recruiters reassess the initial search criteria. Clients’ expectations and requirements may evolve as candidates are presented. Feedback allows us to identify potential shifts in our clients’ needs, giving us an opportunity to realign our search parameters and discover alternative candidates or profiles that align more closely with their adjusted expectations.

2. Enhancing the Quality of Matches:

Receiving feedback from our clients helps us refine and improve our candidate sourcing process. Insightful feedback enables us to better understand the nuances of the role, leading to more refined and higher-quality candidate recommendations. When clients provide open and honest feedback, it deepens our understanding of their needs, expectations, and company culture, ultimately allowing us to make more accurate matches.

3. Candidate Evaluation:

When we present candidates to our clients, we rely on their expertise and company insights to evaluate their suitability. Client feedback serves as a litmus test, allowing us to understand whether our assessment aligned with their expectations. With detailed insights, we can refine our approach and better align our candidate selection process with our clients’ unique requirements.

4. Maintaining a positive Employer Brand:

Establishing a strong and trustworthy relationship between recruiters and clients is essential for success. This can be achieved through regular and effective communication, fostering an interdependent connection. By actively providing feedback, clients not only showcase their dedication to the outcome but also demonstrate respect for the candidates involved in the interview process. Openness and transparency, coupled with constructive feedback on candidates, allow recruiters to effectively manage candidate expectations, offer valuable insights for improvement, and ultimately deliver a superior candidate experience – regardless of the outcome. In essence, promptly providing feedback guarantees a positive employer image in the market.

5. Quicker Results:

Client feedback is invaluable in terms of facilitating a more efficient recruitment process. By sharing their impressions and assessments of candidates, clients help recruiters better understand the suitability of candidates early on. This feedback streamlines decision-making, reduces time spent on unsuitable candidates, and ensures a more targeted approach to finding the right person quickly.


By actively engaging in a feedback loop, clients enable recruiters to enhance their assessments, refine matches, build fruitful partnerships, and save valuable time and resources. The dialogues facilitated through feedback create an environment of collaboration, trust, and shared goals, which ultimately result in a more positive experience for candidates, a more efficient and streamlined process for clients and ultimately better results.

Feedback is not a “desired” or an “ideal” part of the process when working with your agency. If you want results, it’s a necessity.