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In this episode at Supply Chain Partners TV and Podcast, Tony Richter, the Founding Partner of Bastian Consulting discusses Overcoming Supply Chain and Technology Recruitment Challenges.


In This Episode:

In this episode, we discuss the low unemployment rate in Australia and how this is impacting recruitment, and what hiring managers can do to avoid high rates of counter-offers.

Tony shares a real-life client example and explains how our Market Mapping process works, the types of clients that would benefit and how market mapping is helping companies to overcome supply chain and technology recruitment challenges.


Here are some key highlights in the video:

1:01 minutes: About Tony Richter and how Bastian came to be

2:20 minutes: How the low unemployment rate is impacting Recruitment

5:33 minutes: What hiring managers can do to avoid high rates of counter-offers

9:03 minutes: Real-life client example seeking a niche skill but impacted by counter-offers

11:11 minutes: About Market Mapping and how it works

12:47 minutes: Types of clients that would benefit from a market mapping process

13:40 minutes: How market mapping helps companies


Watch the video now for the whole story and find out how Bastian Consulting can help your business to recruit extraordinary supply chain and technology leaders and graduates. Bastian serve a broad range of industries including for FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Management Consulting, 3PL, Energy & Resources, Intralogistics, Automation, Software, E-Commerce, Agriculture & Commodities, Apparel, Quick Service Restaurant.


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