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Recruitment Consultant Agency

In the bustling landscape of the Australian job market, Bastian Consulting has emerged as a trailblazer. As recruitment consultant agency   of repute, we pride ourselves on our commitment to linking high-end companies with top-tier talent. With six years of dedication, we have established a sterling reputation that speaks volumes about our proficiency in the industry. 

Why Choose Bastian Consulting?

When you think of a   specialist recruitment agency  , Bastian Consulting should be at the forefront of your thoughts. Over the past six years, we have developed a unique approach that places us miles ahead in the executive recruitment sector. Our depth of expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence have made us a preferred partner for numerous reputed companies across APAC. 


As a   recruitment company   originating from Australia, our roots are firmly planted in the local job market, which gives us an unparallel edge.

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Our Commitment to Quality and Compliance  

At Bastian Consulting, we’re not just any recruitment agency . We stand out because we’re synonymous with trustworthiness. Every step we take complies with all council requirements, ensuring that both employers and job seekers have an experience that is smooth, transparent, and above all, fruitful. 

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Our specialisations.

Tailored Approach as a Specialist Recruitment Agency

While many agencies might have a generic approach, Bastian Consulting’s strength lies in specialization. We’re a   recruitment consultant agency   that listens, understands, and then acts. Our tailor-made strategies for each client ensure that businesses get the right fit, always. 

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The Bastian Consulting Advantage

  • 6 Years Strong:   While we might have a journey of six years, our impact is evident. Our reputation is a testament to our commitment and proficiency. 
  • Executive Expertise:   We specialize in executive recruitment, ensuring businesses get the leadership and vision they desire. 
  • Unwavering Trust:   With adherence to all council norms and a keen focus on ethical recruitment, we’ve become a trusted name in the industry. 
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Your Recruitment Solutions, Simplified 

In a market teeming with options, why should Bastian Consulting be your go-to   recruitment company  ? It’s simple: Our track record. Our strong market reputation after merely six years is no accident. It’s the outcome of meticulous planning, industry insight, and an undying passion for linking talent with opportunity. 

When it comes to executive recruitment, taking chances isn’t an option. Entrust your requirements with Bastian Consulting, a   recruitment consultant agency   with a proven track record. Dive into a seamless recruitment experience where expertise meets opportunity, only at Bastian Consulting. 

Connect with us today and experience the difference of partnering with a leader in Australian recruitment. 

If you’d love to find out how to access amazing candidates, download the Bastian Recruitment Guide today.

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Hock Seng Oh

Supply Chain Governance Manager

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Hock Seng Oh

Supply Chain Governance Manager

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Hock Seng Oh

Supply Chain Governance Manager

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Bastian’s 2022/2023 Salary Survey Report is out!

Completed by more than 1,300 respondents from across Australia and New Zealand, the annual Bastian Salary Survey Report reveals the positions and industries paying the highest wages across Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT, Consulting and Procurement.

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