A Day in the Life of a 2028 Supply Chain Professional

Few industries will be transformed as totally as supply chain in the coming decade. Fast technological developments are predicted to disrupt existing supply chain processes and have the potential for massive productivity and efficiency gains. This is why agile start ups are already competing for talent in the supply chain industry. While many of the […]

The Competition Between Agile Startups & Established Corporates In The Supply Chain Industry

Supply chain heavyweights and startups need to collaborate as well as compete, to manage disruption and drive progress. The past image of the supply chain and logistics industry conjured up ideas of solidity and old-fashioned but dependable infrastructure: getting the job done in proven ways, putting reliability ahead of speed, preferring validated methods to innovation. […]

Embedding Customer Expectations Into Your Operational Supply Chain Strategy

To get ahead in the modern supply chain industry, you need to know which skills actually translate to success. But pinpointing those skills can be a challenge. This is largely due to the amount of hype that exists around certain ideas or skills. Sometimes this can create situations where you’re unsure of how much substance […]

The Open Source Ecosystem Accelerating Blockchain Innovation For Logistics

Those who have read my previous articles will know that disruptive technology is a topic I’ve returned to several times. The implications of transformative technologies for the supply chain industry is huge and those able to harness it effectively will be at a distinct competitive advantage. This isn’t news anymore. However despite recent technology developments, […]

Don’t Let Interviewing Be The Weak Link In Your Supply Chain

Recruiting the right people into leadership roles within the supply chain industry is critical. As well as helping to define the strategy and direction for your business, strong executives inspire and coach your teams to reach that objective. Skills for tomorrow’s supply chain Supply chain is in a period of rapid technological and environmental change […]

Partnering In Search

The recruitment industry at times has a terrible reputation. I know this through feedback, stories and experiences from professionals at all levels across all industries. You do find a section of people who value the search space and believe it adds to their network and professional infrastructure, but there is consistent feedback in relation to […]